Mountaintop to Countertop

Your stone's journey to your house


The journey of your natural stone countertop starts off at, you guessed it - a mountain! Where else could we find such beauty? Natural stone is a one-of-a-kind material that can't be manufactured.


Once discovered, it's time to start mining. This is where we begin extracting large blocks of stone from the mountain.


After extraction, the large blocks are transported to a factory so that they can be processed. Don't try this at home! Such transportation requires special trucks capable of carrying EXTREMELY heavy material.


Now the real excitement begins! Upon arrival, the natural stone blocks are processed into large 2cm or 3cm slabs.


At this point, a CRS inspector will take the time to examine each cut and select the best (and only the best) blocks for export.


Load up! Slabs are now loaded into containers for their LOOOONG journey across the ocean.


Time to set sail! Not your ordinary cruise ship but hey, we're sure it's a nice view...


After that long journey across the sea, we finally unload the slabs right here in our Austin, Texas warehouse.


Time to shine! Here's where we put the stones on display for our valuable customers.


With the help of our knowledgeable team, our customers select a stone that best suits their personal needs.


Got your fabricator selected? Great! In this step, we'll ship your selected stone to them.


Now it's time to make it yours! At this point, your fabricator will cut your stone per your specifications.


Almost done. Now it's time for the installer to install your stone in your home.


Voila! The final product is installed for you to enjoy for a lifetime.